A Little mood music for this snowy day

This is a new composition that we are messing around with. It provides a nice atmosphere for the weather as the snow gently sways back and forth making its way down to the Earth.

jack kearney
The Gift that keeps on Creating

When Austin got married, he gave Patrick two incredible gifts. One was the honor of being his best man. The other is this: a music box that he is able to compose on. Might have to use it on the next Aunt Ange album... Here’s Pat's first shot at it.

jack kearney
New Music in the works

We are working hard in our home studio making the next record. There are some old songs that sound completely new and some new songs we are just beginning to explore. So far, things seems to have more emphasis on our rockier influences.

jack kearney
Welcome to auntange.com
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Thank you for visiting the all new auntange.com. This is the best place to get the latest news and show announcements.

There is more content like Fine Art and Storytelling still to come. If you are an artist and would like share something or would like to collaborate, please reach out on our contact page.

jack kearney